Final Exam and PowerTeacher Pro Setup-2017-18

June 14, 2018 is the end of the 4th  quarter and semester 2. 

For PowerTeacher Pro to correctly calculate quarter and semester averages, the following date ranges must be used for your assignments: 

04/14/2017 – 06/14/2018 - all quarter 4 assignments except final exam grade 

06/12/2017 – 06/15/2018 – final exam grade only 

This applies to all teachers at EHS and EIS even if you do not give a final exam.  

To help insure that assignments are dated correctly, I recommend that you set the reporting term to Q4 (see image below) when entering quarter 4 assignments/grades and E2 when entering final exam grades.

If you do not see the assignment you just created, a date outside of the correct range was probably used.  Click the A+Grading Charm. Click Assignment List. Change the Reporting Term to Y1 (see image below) and you should now see the assignment.  You can then edit the date.  Change the Reporting Term back to the Q4 or E2 and the assignment should now be there.


If you are unsure of what date to use for a specific term, just click the drop down arrow for terms.  The drop down window will show the dates of the terms.


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